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What you should look for in a home security camera in Camden

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

Getting snagged on video is the last thing a burglar would like to happen This is a primary reason why security cameras are some of the most effective devices to include as you customize your smart home’s security. Although free-standing cameras will be beneficial when configured appropriately, they’re even more powerful when incorporated into your home’s complete system.

Have you often wondered what to look for in a home security camera in Camden? You’ll be pleased to discover these critical devices include more conveniences than previous iterations. You are able to view real-time streams from interior cameras or surprise those lurking about with incorporated security features from outdoor cameras. You’ll even get instant access to your cameras with a convenient touchscreen panel or mobile app.

Dynamic features bolster home security cameras in Camden

Multifaceted and easy-to-incorporate security cameras will elevate your property’s defense to a whole new level. These vital parts of your security system may come equipped with an impressive array of features including bi-directional communications, night vision, and mobile access. Explore the possibilities here.

  • Night vision: Powerful IR night vision sensors provide clear-cut footage of your environs at any hour. Your cameras will even keep their visibility when zooming in on details.
  • Video storage: Check for surveillance with cloud storage functionality and the ability to review clips directly from your cell phone app.
  • Mobile app: Today’s home security cameras in Camden are typically paired to a convenient app on your smartphone. You can review real-time streams or recorded video and even arm or disengage your alarms. The Vivint App will deliver an alert to your mobile device when a triggered event occurs.
  • Motion detectors: Integrated motion detection allows cameras to activate when unusual movement takes place. You’ll also be alerted with a message on your mobile device.
  • Talk to delivery people or members of your family: Would you like to contact your children once they get home from school? Have you found a delivery person at your main entry? Today’s home security cameras, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, provide convenient 2-way communications so you may speak to any person within range of your surveillance device.
  • Greater viewing angles: Generally speaking, your exterior video cameras should provide at least 120° of viewing perspective. For instance, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro gives you 140° views.
  • Configurable zones: This benefit gives you the chance to program the exact part of your property you wish your camera to watch over. This can be important to better define the movement you surveil as you wouldn’t require alerts whenever an automobile travels by on the street.

Configure your own smart home

You should have a good idea of what to look for in a home security camera in Camden. The next step is to design your own custom Vivint smart home. Dial (856) 746-6164 to begin or submit the simple form on this page to reach out to our home protection and automation specialists.